Building Bridges Digital and Face to Face

Peaceconferencing is an online interactive program for schools, digital library centers, colleges, and the adult community that provides a gaming simulation based on world conflict and peacebuilding that:



"In an ever increasing world of transcultural connectivity, how better for a global citizen to learn the skills of negotiation and conflict resolution?"

Gloria Sandvik, Principal, Sandvik and Assoc.

"Kristen Druker's bold initiative in teaching peacemaking has the potential to change attitudes and introduce skills needed throughout the world. I am excited about her involvement of expert partners and her embrace of the Internet as a critical tool for this generation."

Millicent Abell, Yale University Librarian Emerita

"This is the right tool, at the right time, in the right place. It will revolutionize the teaching of international conflict to high school students around the world."

Kevin Welber, Professor of Negotiations, Georgetown University, Author of the "Tool Kit for Negotiation and Mediation

"U-TOUCH Uganda in partnership with Peaceconferencing process with teams at the U-TOUCH Digital Library Centers (DLCs) in northern Uganda. Teams are comprised of students who lived through the insurgency of the 20-year Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) War. Living in extreme poverty, on less than $1 per day, without running water or electricity living in isolation the people of northern Uganda lost hope for their future. U-TOUCH, partnering with AMREF, a Ugandan non-governmental organization, in 2010 began operations in developing U-TOUCH Digital Library Centers, bringing technology, training and the Internet to bridge the digital divide and advance the livelihoods and the economic conditions of the rural villages in Uganda. Through the U-TOUCH Centers, Peaceconferencing has become integral in problem solving the real issues facing the people living in the aftermath of two decades of conflict. Peaceconferencing is an innovative tool, training conflict resolution and communication skills to prevent or attenuate future altercations. Using technology the people of northern Uganda have the opportunity to gain invaluable interactive life skills through the Peaceconferencing process. "

Deb Plotkin,